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File: 1647522447420.png–(135.54KB, 444x250, dorian.png)
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Welcome to 4chains, a bitcoin only discussion board.
We were sick of influencer bullshit on twitter, and too many shitcoin spammers on /biz/.
To try keep posts on topic (bitcoin) each post requires a small lightning network captcha invoice to be paid.

Keep posts bitcoin related or on closely adjacent topics
No shitcoins, reasonable design discussion in relation to Bitcoin is permitted.
No porn, gore or illegal content
invoices are fetched from our clightning node
¨ R No.132
if something fucks up, dm https://twitter.com/4chains_org

File: 1647716404303.png–(310.81KB, 444x464, bitcoinfounder.png)
R No.76  [Reply]
modern day bitcoin experts believe so discuss..
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¨ R No.265
1658757022425.jpg–(33.96KB, 540x517, A04686C9-00CD-4810-B184-DB71711D2368.jpg)
literally comp sci major in university, confirmed all he literally just coded (didn't talk to anyone) he fucking dropped bitcoin how do maxis even deny this? pic is related its satoshi dabbing on us while we run around and try to stack sats like plebs
¨ R No.275
¨ R No.281
1674656336677.png–(109.32KB, 266x362, marty.png)

File: 1668874577596.png–(66.99KB, 229x220, FhI58H1WYAMw2i5.png)
R No.279  [Reply]
¨ R No.280
1669017324281.jpg–(87.64KB, 900x600, beras.jpg)

File: 1666226319469.png–(583.96KB, 830x685, avgbitcoiner.png)
R No.278  [Reply]

File: 1658449048827.jpg–(76.37KB, 1200x630, person-nick-szabo-02.jpg)
R No.263  [Reply]
who is the most blackpilled bitcoiner and why is it nick szabo

¨ R No.277
i am. definitely.

File: 1647717140637.jpg–(63.56KB, 808x447, roger-ver-video.jpg)
R No.78  [Reply]
Whatever happened to this shitcoiner?
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¨ R No.270
1659913233828.jpg–(185.98KB, 1276x538, 9E62FFB5-2BAC-43B4-AC5F-951BE5C718D2.jpeg)
Shitcoin cash
¨ R No.272
he's a big dumb gay, man
¨ R No.274
1660432021465.jpg–(125.31KB, 1080x1043, bCASH 100.jpg)

File: 1654585760817.jpg–(150.31KB, 1080x1080, FRgusfFX0AAIxFV.jpeg)
R No.257  [Reply]
does this site work
¨ R No.273
you're still dumb and gay so yeah it works

File: 1659993163162.png–(143.03KB, 397x192, alien feet.PNG)
R No.271  [Reply]
fuck ur dumb platform u dumb cunt and your shitcoin

File: 1659042857515.png–(191.16KB, 588x588, 93501620575236405551723.png)
R No.266  [Reply]

File: 1655496893533.jpg–(75.90KB, 513x680, hodlonaut prophecy.jpg)
R No.259  [Reply]
>shitcoins are not engineered to kill central banking, they are engineered to transfer your money to a few insiders, preminers, scammers and venture capitals - they will cashout and dump on you
>FIATs like USD/EUR/GBP are all fake, printed out of thin air, unlimited supply, permanently bleeding SHIT-CURRENCIES
>BTC is engineered to attract (futile) attacks by central bankers, governments, mainstream media, keynesians and parasites cause it makes them all irrelevant
>BTC has no top cause all FIATs have no bottom
>NEVER USE DERIVATIVES like futures and options, they are just USD-only trading on fake paper-BTC, they dilute the supply canceling the scarcity effect, kill the price discovery, and help market manipulators to keep the price down with naked short selling
>when you keep your money inside an EXCHANGE you are getting SCAMMED with FRACTIONAL RESERVE and you are exposed to risk of CONFISCATION
>NO KEYS NO PARTY, use hardware wallets, move your coins into cold storage, BACKUP your keys/seed
>NEVER TRUST CENTRALIZED PARTIES (exchanges, banks, custodial services, lending platforms, centralized shitcoin wraps like WBTC)
>CBDC (central bank digital currencies) are a SCAM, central bank rugpulls, they will lose value even faster, kill your privacy, restrict your ability to freely spend your money
>don't try to time the market, 50% crashes are normal, do not leverage, 2X long leveraged traders will get wiped out
>DO NOT SHORT, LONG LEVERAGE, SWING (or you will lose it all)
>BTC is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's a don't-get-poor-slowly scheme
>run a full Bitcoin Core node, don't trust, verify
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¨ R No.260
no leverage
¨ R No.262
Facts. 90% of people who sell never make it back

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