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File: 1647745500961.png–(101.58KB, 472x474, FG-eSKyXIAMKg1m.png)
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File: 1647739891531.png–(1.92KB, 229x31, chrome_1q5WCi7eQA.png)
R No.112  [Reply]
"To make a statement about probability in a real world it is necessary to compound the probability derived from the model itself with the probability that the model is itself true. And there is no means of knowing whether the model is true; indeed it is difficult even to attach meaning to the concept ‘the probability that a representation of the world is the world’."
¨ R No.114

File: 1647738707319.gif–(94.53KB, 220x218, tenor_gif4226185542021738971 (1).gif)
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File: 1647520511268.png–(900.72KB, 560x846, Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 12.33.15.png)
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¨ R No.55
dan held has the constant facial expression of someone that sniffed his own balls.
¨ R No.69
anyone remember the held node? the brand / logo looked like a dick
¨ R No.110
> dan held tail event


File: 1647737638607.gif–(351.13KB, 220x124, 2019-09-26.gif)
R No.108  [Reply]
Buy the bitcoin don't use leverage
send to hardware wallet

File: 1647719974116.jpg–(21.10KB, 314x314, A1EB5F74-4750-41BC-8F2C-07EFB0948BD6.jpeg)
R No.94  [Reply]
Plz send more bobs soon
¨ R No.103
1647735894963.jpg–(54.74KB, 860x508, E5h93GkXwAQ1Jae.jpeg)

File: 1647723392372.jpg–(128.22KB, 959x526, LightningNetwork.jpeg)
R No.96  [Reply]
Sad to learn Eclair is EOL, Phoenix is great but not quite the same
¨ R No.102
ive never used it

File: 1647735311921.jpg–(14.66KB, 500x500, artworks-eMh4u2TIPKcXZlci-zX5zGQ-t500x500.jpg)
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Embed: Bitcoin Slang (Epic ₿itcoin Rap Song) MUST WATCH!!!–(YouTube)
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¨ R No.70
CoinDaddy - Tone Vays Pt. 3–(YouTube)
this is literally shit just listen to coindaddy
¨ R No.99
"a low price is a dip, lambos are whips and Bitcoin improvement proposals are BIPs"

Love it 😆

File: 1647713280850.jpg–(593.33KB, 1920x1278, bear laser eyes.jpeg)
R No.65  [Reply]
No idea how this message board works. Never used 4chan before. The invoice is only charging me 23 sats instead of 50 btw
¨ R No.66
So email doesn't matter and it's pay sats per message. Just figuring this out. Do I really need an image for every message, even replies?
¨ R No.97
fuck bears! that's all i1m gonna say.

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