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File: 1648581129711.gif–(816.78KB, 300x168, jojo btc button slam.gif)
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File: 1648001508702.jpg–(29.72KB, 480x309, download (2).jpeg)
R No.147  [Reply]
My raspberry pi 3B+ died and I've been hunting for a pi4 to replace it for months, the supply chain seems to be fucked.

Can anyone recommend an alternative to raspberry pi? I want it for
>running a Bitcoin full node
>running a lighting node
>hosting an urbit ship

Ideally something that works with needing a ton of accessories
¨ R No.206
Try a pinephone with a 1TB micro SD card.

File: 1648525206895.jpg–(38.71KB, 1080x977, FO_KUq1XwAEjbAK.jpeg)
R No.196  [Reply]
¨ R No.197
1648525292850.gif–(405.42KB, 400x300, 1597760588786.gif)
How much are tickets going to cost? In satoshis I assume?
¨ R No.200
is this worth an overseas trip from the other side of the globe?
¨ R No.204
everything happening in austin

File: 1647442124007.jpg–(93.33KB, 1024x1104, IMG_20220310_105238.jpg)
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¨ R No.83
> unlikely. Bitcoin will never be private by default
don't really need to be on l1, makes little to no sense for bitcoin. sure an extension block for zksnarks or mimblewimble or ring-ct is possible, but scaling wise not smart.
l2 privacy would be fine for most people and completely useless for 'oligarchs'.
¨ R No.85
I rub bitcoin on my privates
¨ R No.203
1648545185615.jpg–(268.44KB, 1200x1200, FOhnurLXMAUXOyp.jpeg)
no, coredevs are chainanaled cucks

File: 1647717737553.jpg–(253.40KB, 1536x1152, 2gsjgna1uruv8X2R8t7XDv5HGXyHWCCu4rKmbB5pmEzjYSgvZX)
R No.81  [Reply]
left or right
¨ R No.92
left on chain, right layer 2 ;)
¨ R No.186
they are both grandmas by now.
¨ R No.195
neither fr fr

File: 1647991286325.png–(53.90KB, 1280x709, 1280px-Bitcoin_over_Lightning_Network.svg.png)
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¨ R No.175
what fucking psycho uses electrum for lightning
¨ R No.188
it's actually pretty based
>sent from my c-lightning node
¨ R No.193
what fucking psycho doesn't

File: 1647736298844.jpg–(11.85KB, 240x312, 54d91b5d8bf12_-_mark-zuckerberg-1008-lg-8229401.jp)
R No.105  [Reply]
RIP Christopher Poole, founder of Bitcoin Cash

Goodnight Sweet Prince, press F for a real one
¨ R No.106

¨ R No.109
-50 sats
¨ R No.190
Bumping to pay my respects.

File: 1648085315199.jpg–(183.80KB, 1160x773, download.jpg)
R No.156  [Reply]
Hello frens,

just ya buddy klaus checkin in.

hows the lentils treating ya
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¨ R No.160
not only will you eat the bugs but you will be happy
¨ R No.178
i eat sea bugs tho. planning on having a lobster night soon.
¨ R No.183
go fuck yourself klausy i hope you get covid and die. I WONT EAT THE PUGS I WILL NOT LIVE IN A POD

File: 1648177464212.png–(11.45KB, 591x125, heknows.png)
R No.172  [Reply]
¨ R No.179
when you don't have a pseud ego is not driving the wagon. not getting in the way or switching gears or letting things go.

File: 1648226059361.png–(89.21KB, 939x994, comfy2.png)
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