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File: 1647728561337.jpg–(428.25KB, 2160x2160, 20220320_111601.jpg)
R No.98
Eventually the balloon bursts and all the money flows into Bitcoin.
¨ R No.101
fuck ethereum makes me so angry and horny
¨ R No.107

I see what you did there
¨ R No.180
that's what people said in 2013 and 2015...
and bitcoin dominance just keeps declining.

bitcoiners are in full on denial about massive amount of people keep finding value outside of bitcoin. it's not cute anymore it looks retarded.
¨ R No.184
1648311819533.png–(195.87KB, 554x742, raoul.PNG)
Speaking of retarded
¨ R No.185
1648314038607.jpg–(170.20KB, 1322x1520, nothing-to-see-here.jpg)
value is fully subjective m8.
you will never catch me buy a fucking jpeg or worse an url that can be disabled with a flick of a finger.
but there is a huge problem here... and it will impact bitcoin's future.
¨ R No.187

Bitcoin dominance doesn't mean what you think it means. Bitcoin % market share will always fall when the list of things you're comparing it to is increasing. If you pick the top 20 coins from 2017 etc and compare to Bitcoin today you'll see Bitcoin dominance has risen. Even flagship shitcoins like Ethereum have lost half their value, going from 15m+ sats in 2017 to 7m sats today. All the pitch decks for altcoins focused on shit that's now been made redundant by Bitcoin. Like the wave of alts who said they had better tps, or the ones that claim to have "smart contracts". At the end of the day it's all a grift to part you from your Bitcoin. Eventually people see through it and just focus on stacking sats.
¨ R No.212
doesn't really matter if you don't believe it means anything. it's a very clear signal to the entire world. it's an even clearer signal to traders that discover price that whenever bitcoin starts to move they better jump on shitcoins! which just doesn1T fucking work s this stunted deformed bull market has shown. but even worse is
fees that could secure the bitcoin network aggregated from sidechains are going to "grifters" because bitcoiners fucked up big time and got too comfortable and reactionary.
¨ R No.238
so brave @jamesviggy
so brave

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