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File: 1643196805176.jpg–(486.20KB, 1242x674, 779FC8D2-C246-4700-BCDF-5E3AC5F5714D.jpeg)
R No.31
Hi guys, newish fag here - I’m looking for financial help. Recently, I heard from the grapevine (an add on my local bus stop) that crypto currencies are the way of the future; and that they’ll make you filthy rich within, say the next 1-2 years, assuming you don’t spend it all on crack. However, after checking cracked.finance, they advise against investing in all forms of crypto currencies, claiming that they’re one giant Ponzi scheme, orchestrated by the state of Israel, China, and South Sudan collectively, to undermine the dollar and our bank accounts. With this said, I’m quite skeptical towards crypto as a suitable investment.

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