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File: 1649578260279.jpg–(150.49KB, 1924x1080, jonas.jpg)
R No.224
Taproot native multisignatures are well on the way now with implementations and specifications being completed for both MuSig2 and FROST, which leverage bitcoin's taproot upgrade for a new type of multisig.

>What will be different for the user with MuSig?
>What needs to change on hardware wallets? Who is ready?
>Will it be adopted?
>When lightning?
>Other issues?
¨ R No.227
the biggest difference is the size of sigscript thus transaction weight. shit is gonna be much cheaper.
¨ R No.228
So smalller script sig because the multisig rules dont have to be encoded in the script? But is done in the cryptography itself?
¨ R No.231
schnorr signatures allow for that yes. multisig looks like single sig.
¨ R No.235
I think musig and PTLCs will come to an LDK wallet before lnd or clightning..
¨ R No.249
the real problem will be the horrible ux. i wonder if anyone will actually use it. too interactive.

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