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File: 1648179852644.png–(262.48KB, 495x580, bb.png)
R No.173
>pro-tip: you can't

Friday night arrivals: Hibernian Hotel
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am at the hall.

Please bring something to sell for sats! Something you’ve made, something useful you’ve got spare, something rare – this is adding to the circular bitcoin economy: – Buying things you need with BTC – Earning BTC from selling things

Their will be several presentation and discussions but they are yet to be scheduled.
Building Your Digital Fortress - @_k3tan
Bitcoin and Tax - @Blacker_Ink
Surviving and Thriving During The Great Reset - @aurumbtc
Know thyself .. reflections on self-reflection - @izeqiel
How to Survive and Thrive during The Great Reset - @aurumbtc
How to win using seed word passphrases - Anon
Homesteading and organic Market Gardening – Moving towards Food Sovereignty - Anon
Lightning lessons from a node runner - @BTCSchellingPt
How bitcoin and bitcoiners helped Tongans get back on their feet - Anon

Demos/Workshops/Practical stuff
>Setup and run an S9 Bitcoin miner – Punching seedwords into stainless washers – Hands-on advice for privacy and security and what else you need help with.

Group discussion topics
>How to destroy Bitcoin
>Favourite bitcoin tool/product/service
>Most successful orange-pilling approach

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