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File: 1648093884991.jpg–(7.04KB, 251x201, download (1).jpeg)
R No.158
How do you do fellow Bitcoiners.
What advice do you have for someone who created a 2 of 3 multisig wallet using Sparrow. There are 3 seeds and 3 signing devices to secure, what are some tips on how to split these 6 items up? Also, is it recommended to export the wallet file from Sparrow and back that up online? My guess is that without it I won't be able to recover the multisig on a new device? Any tips and tricks appreciated.
¨ R No.159
yeah give them to me, i'll keep them secure.
¨ R No.219
wtf? never do multisig unless you know exactly what you are doing!
¨ R No.221

> Asks for advice on how to do multisig
> Gets told not to do multisig unless you know how to do multisig
> Never learns how to do multisig
¨ R No.222

In my opinion you should keep all items sufficient to restore one share of the multisig together.
E.g. seed phrase public key backups kept together for each participant
¨ R No.226
alright correction:
never do multisig with any serious amount unless you know exactly what you are doing!

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