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File: 1648076141177.png–(515.26KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20220324-114232.png)
R No.151
Udi is a straight up hater. He takes every opportunity he can to shit on Bitcoiners. Fwiw Stacy Herbert is calling it fake news. Samson Mow who's closely involved with the bond is saying everything is okay. Paolo Ardoino from Bitfinex hasn't commented. Given the possible size and reach of the Bitcoin Bond it makes sense to bring in another exchange to help market it (most government bonds have joint book runners). I don't see the need to shit on Bitcoiners for whatever it is that El Salvador decides to do. Anyone know anything?
¨ R No.152
1648076439771.png–(265.32KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20220324-115824.png)
Bukele confirms the news is fake, Bitfinex is still doing the Bitcoin Bond.

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