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File: 1647896281030.png–(154.11KB, 1495x369, darkth.png)
R No.138

name file userContent.css, find your profile folder like
create a chrome folder if there isn't and put it in there!

¨ R No.139
this guy hacks
u just changing the style?
¨ R No.140
yeah i mean the rendering is all on your machine you obviously have full control over how pages are presented to you. hack away!
¨ R No.141
if it doesn't work, find the setting in about:config


set to true!
¨ R No.250
so anyone actually using the dark theme?
should i bother to turn it into a real style for the lazy admin?
¨ R No.251
dont use this website the admin gets your ip address and will hack you
¨ R No.254
wat? also just use tor browser dude!
¨ R No.255
this site is has had good uptime as of late

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