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File: 1643164363626.jpg–(254.25KB, 1271x1098, FJ7_SGSX0AUK159.jpeg)
R No.13

¨ R No.14
1643164445033.jpg–(715.40KB, 2048x2048, FJFnT8AXsAY4Bs9.jpeg)
down the rabbit hole
¨ R No.15
1643164531159.jpg–(290.77KB, 1376x2048, FJhPZPJX0AQDPGh.jpeg)

¨ R No.16
1643164544974.jpg–(391.13KB, 2048x1152, FJ74BGjaUAASXIq.jpeg)

¨ R No.21
1643164888526.jpg–(573.23KB, 2048x1536, node.jpeg)
How're the thermals?
¨ R No.23
1643165079084.jpg–(241.33KB, 1152x2048, oooo.jpeg)
not mine
¨ R No.30
1643170104251.jpg–(256.52KB, 1483x946, IMG_20211209_181227.jpg)
used this NES case for my raspi node. picked this case mostly because it has space inside for an SATA disk
¨ R No.50
1647519250501.jpg–(116.44KB, 1024x682, 202202201022.jpg)

¨ R No.56
fucking nerds post pictures of women
¨ R No.63
1647630680377.jpg–(89.44KB, 1024x943, 1642376440248.jpg)

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