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File: 1643164238292.png–(654.65KB, 1689x871, shadowy.png)
R No.11
what're you working on? FOSS?
what's your hardware setup? nodes?
do you have a profitable business model or survive off donations?
¨ R No.26
im down so bad im learning python
¨ R No.113
currently trying to wake people the fuck up to the fact that bitcoin is fully fucked.
nothing fancy.
no business, no donations. live off mortgage.
¨ R No.124
no it isn't nigger
¨ R No.129
this would take too long to explain here so i won't even try. bitcoin is fully fucked and we can't fix it without awareness that there are things to fix and improve.

so that's like my full time job now. i wish there was an alt i could hop on, that would be so simple, but everything seems even more fucked than bitcoin.
¨ R No.130
There's a million alts out there that "fix" Bitcoin. Just throw a dart at CMC
¨ R No.133
I'm experimenting with Polar and Impervious. Trying to do "stablecoins" on Lightning. It will be FOSS of course

Not related to my project, but I've got an Umbrel node that I connect all my wallets to. Connecting them to the node over Tor is really slow, so I have a separate pi running Wireguard so I can connect to it over VPN.
¨ R No.137
i have not seen any that actually fixes anything.
¨ R No.142
1647932628543.png–(92.89KB, 874x508, msig.png)
im not sure you'd understand anon
¨ R No.143
looks like rust. i hate rust. don't ask why!
¨ R No.149
Nice try
¨ R No.202
I'm building an SD card signing for my mobile wallet AMA
¨ R No.217
bumping the only quality thread
¨ R No.240
Thoughts on taro?

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